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Chassis Refurbishment

The chassis of your home is often overlooked but is absolutely crucial to your home as it is the structure that supports is and is irreplaceable. Ensuring your chassis is maintained and in good order will preserve the life of your Park Home.

Supremacy can undertake a professional inspection of the underside of your chassis and supply an expert assessment and written report of what we find. We will give you our honest and unbiased advice on any work that is required without any obligation on your part.

We also supply and fit high quality under-floor insulation, preventing heat loss and protecting your home from the elements keeping you comfortable during the winter months.

Park Home Chassis 4

Re-Supporting and Re-Levelling

When you have changes and improvements made to your home it can impact on the chassis. New additions and changes to the interior and exterior of your home can have a considerable impact on the original supporting structure. Supremacy can ensure that your home is able to safely support the home in the crucial areas and has the correct number of supports required for your home.

Under floor Survey and Service

For newer homes we offer a dedicated package for more modern homes that will identify any problems that need to be addressed to prevent any future structural changes or repairs.

Park Home Chassis 5

Under floor Insulation

Adding under floor insulation will improve the comfort of your home, reducing draughts and improving the temperature of your floor which in turn will save on your heating costs. Supremacy have developed a system to address this problem.

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