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Interior Space Solutions

Downsizing to a park home can lead to trouble finding space to store all your treasured belongings without leaving your new home looking cluttered.

Utilise the space beneath beds and in wardrobes to hide items out of site in storage containers or try wicker baskets and designed boxes to store your possessions whilst also adding to the interior to make it appear less cluttered and more spacious.

Don't be afraid of bespoke storage solutions either! There are hundreds of creative storage solutions for small spaces; from cleverly designed shelving to store kitchen utensils, to uniquely designed wardrobe and kitchen units used to maximise space. Our specialist team of craftsmen plan a design to fit all your needs and requirements, including individual necessities such as disabled facilities and much more.

Contact Supremacy Park Home Renovations to talk to a specialist in interior and exterior renovation and maintenance services.

Park Home repairs

With the weather turning chilly it's good to know that the Government have extended the 'Warm Home Discount Scheme' to include Park Homes. First introduced in 2011 for low income households the original scheme was not available to park home owners, this has now been changed and eligible residents can apply for a £140 contribution towards their winter energy costs. The scheme is approved by the National Association of Park Home Residents (NAPHR) and the Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS). You can find more information here.

Winter is a good time to make sure your insulation is adequate and your boiler is working efficiently, with a regular maintenance programme supplied by a trusted Park Home Maintenance Specialist, if you require any Park Home roof repairs call us today.

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