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Plyboard & Texture Coatings

inner All properties need maintenance over time and Park Homes are no exception. We are specialists in exterior refurbishment. We have found the most common requirement is to replace the drip bars on the side of your home which is exposed to the worst of the weather.

Exterior walls can perish if you are unable to maintain them yourself. We can completely reboard and repair the walls where needed, and will advise you of the extent of the work required in order to future proof your home for the foreseeable future.

Older Park homes were not constructed to the same standard as they are today often using thin, inadequate plywood for the exterior walls. At Supremacy we will remove all the old and rotten wood, we will inspect and make repairs if necessary to the framework of your home and replace the boards with quality thick plywood so you can be assured that your home is structurally sound and safe.

We use the best wall coatings there are, (PTC) and Resitex, as used by all the leading manufacturers.

Our normal procedure is:

  • Remove the rotten plyboards and insulation
  • Inspect and replace any rotten wall timbers
  • Fit 50mm Kingspan/Celotex insulation
  • Then fit 9mm Plyboard with new wooden Driprail
  • Lastly coat new boards with a textured finish either in (PTC) or Resitex

Why not enhance your home with a simple retexture or one of our colourwash options, it is advisable to apply a fresh coating every 3-4 years to keep your home in good condition, as recommended by RESITEX coatings

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